Access Control Systems

Would you like to determine who goes where and when? We can provide easy to use and manage access solutions. We offer a range from small single stand-alone systems for controlling single doors to much larger networked systems that are capable controlling the access of thousands of users and hundreds of doors and lifts.


Access can be granted with the use of PIN codes, proximity cards, or even a finger print.

With an intelligent access  control system designed by us, you will be in complete control of your buildings security. 

We carefully customise world leading access control systems to suit your business needs. 

Coupled with our flexible finance options you will flexibility and peace of mind knowing your business is safe.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

"How could access control benefit my business?"

  • Access control allows your to keep track of the access to your building.

  • No longer is a lost key a threat to your security. Access cards, tags, or finger prints can be added or removed at anytime to allow or restrict access. No more needing to change the door locks!

  • Access can be granted during specific times, this is especially useful to allow your cleaner access.

"Could I unlock a door from my mobile phone?"

  • Yes, Doors can be activated to allow the door to be temporarily unlocked to allow a single entry via a smart phone app, or unlocked until your choose to lock again.

"What if my building has elevators?'

  • Lift control is a common need in apartment complexes and can set up easily, to allow an access card or token, to call the elevator and even grant access to your customized floors.

"Could I have a door lock automatically at a set time?"

  • Definitely, this can be particularly useful to lock the entry or customer door automatically at the end of your trading hours.

  • It could also be set to automatically lock at a set time, just in case it was mistakenly left open

"How Can I Get Started?"

Simply complete the inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page or call us on 0487 777 600. We can meet at a time and place convenient for you for your obligation free quote.

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