We provide structured voice, data & video solutions utilising copper and fibre cabling, wireless solutions. We are you local cabling experts!

We partner with the leading manufacturers of structured cabling components and can design a sophisticated solution for any business size. Our team embraces complex and challenging project specifications. We love to push the boundaries and create innovative systems that surpass expectations. We will happily tailor our services to your individual circumstances. Our highly skilled technicians partner with in-house IT teams, vendor teams and/or system integrators to minimise any risk and build the most efficient, reliable structured cable system.

Copper data cabling is the backbone of most networks and has evolved from Cat 5e to Cat 6, Cat 6a though to Cat 7. As more demand is placed upon them to deliver uninterrupted speed, choosing the correct products can make the difference between a reliable solution enhancing your team’s ability, or a poorly designed solution resulting in a frustrated team not working to their optimal efficiency.

When you partner with Snug Security we evaluate your data requirements and treat your project as if it were our own. You can be confident that you will be left with optimal results, we don't accept anything less. 

Copper Data Cabling

Optic Fibre Solutions

Typically Copper data cabling has a maximum cable length of 100 meters. Once that distance is exceeded Optic Fibre provides a fast, reliable transmission of data. Optic Fibre cabling is fast becoming a cost-effective and reliable solution to transmit large amounts of data, voice and video over distance. It can be used as a vertical backbone in multi-story buildings or to link dwellings across a campus, providing interference free communications. Snug Security offer powered fibre solutions enabling the latest in CCTV camera and data technologies to receive power and a fibre based communication backbone solution not possible in the past.

When you partner with Snug Security to provide your Data and Communication needs, we offer you the best fit solution for your data needs, including quality, reliable fibre optic cabling..

Complete Wireless Infrastructure

The tailored wireless solutions offered by Snug Security can be designed to allow you to offer a complete, reliable wireless mesh network for your office environment, shop or retail complex. In addition, the wireless point to point or point to multi point can transmit and receive high speed data up to 5km's away. This is particularly useful in establishing a data network for computers, eftpos, phone, security or any other smart devices in difficult to cable locations. The cost saying from digging trenches and installing underground cable or erecting poles and running overhead cabling makes this a very popular and scalable solution.

 Snug Security

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